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February 3, 2019

Photo via Football News Latest

These Guys Again?

Much to the chagrin of most of the country, the New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl. They don't want to see the same team in February every year. Here's some good news, then. This Patriots team is almost the po...

August 29, 2018

Photo via Nancy Lane (Boston Herald)

On Thursday night, the New England Patriots will play their final preseason game. With that still upcoming, here's a look at how the 53-man roster likely stands at this point, although the game could cause some movement.

Quarterback (...

August 29, 2018

Photo via Andrew Mills (NJ Advance Media)

Thanks again to everyone who has made my mailbag a success so far. Keep it up!

I received a variety of different questions this week, covering the NFL, college football and the MLB. Let's start with something well above my pay gr...

August 26, 2018

Photo via Mike McCarn (AP Photo)

In the wake of New England's 25-14 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Friday, here is a look at some players who are boosting their stock within the organization, others who have struggled, and  the evolution of the linebacker group.


August 22, 2018

Photo via Daniel Kucin Jr. (Icon Sportswire)

I've decided to try to give weekly mailbag questions a try. Thanks so much to everyone who sent me questions and helped get this off the ground. As a reward to you, I'm making an effort to answer each and every question I rec...

August 18, 2018

Photo via June Frantz Hunt (The Norman Transcript)

Oklahoma is projected to finish ahead of West Virginia, but many analysts are putting stock in the Mountaineers to pull off the upset this year. While they should be improved this season, expect the title to contin...

August 10, 2018

Photo via Paul Rutherford (USA Today Sports)

Preseason games never count toward a team's record, but they do go a long way in determining how the roster will shape up. Here are some takeaways for the Patriots' opening game, a 26-17 win over the Redskins.

Top players play...

August 10, 2018

Photo via Charlie Riedel (Associated Press)

Sitting down to watch the Patriots' preseason opener against the Redskins, I can't help but think about how different these games must feel for fans of other teams. Sure, nobody plays their top guys a lot, if at all, but New E...

July 25, 2018

Photo via chatsports.com

When Kawhi Leonard was traded from San Antonio to Toronto, you probably thought the feud with the Spurs was over. Not so fast! Teammate Danny Green appears to have joined his side of the debate, as numerous reports state that he unknowingly play...

July 24, 2018

Photo via Redleg Nation

American League and National League contenders have been touched on. Now let's focus on the teams who could be looking to sell pieces in order to "retool." These are teams who should be willing to deal some of their better pieces, but only if the...

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